The best computer repairs from the friendliest techs in the IT business.

It used to be all about computer repairs, right?
Computer repairs are an essential part of the support we provide, and built into our support packages. For the best long term value, we monitor your computers and perform regular maintenance to help you avoid disruptions from broken computers, to keep the costs manageable, and avoid the need for repairs in most cases.
For more information on our support plans, be sure to check out our IT Partners service offeringsIT support starting at $90/mo.

Need Repair Now?  When something is already broken, even if you are not already covered by our service plans, we can still help in the short-term to get you back to work.
Services start at $180* to $240 for a one-time emergency service appointment, and start at just $24 for remote one-on-one support.

*IT mini-projects are priced on a project basis.  Limited $180 advanced schedule appointments are available.  Contact us for a quote specific to your needs and timeline.

See below for more information on repairs and general IT services.

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Computer Repairs

Repairing and upgrading computers has been at the heart of PC Experts’ work for years.  We will help you fix what makes sense, and find cost effective alternatives when appropriate.  Some of the repairs and solutions we provide include:

  • Virus and malware removal: Hacking is big businesses, and distributing malicious software makes money.  The malware developers are always looking for a new angle, and we stay right on top of them.  We remove and help you prevent nearly any infection you can pick up.
  • Tune-ups: Barring more significant issues, sometimes computers just slow down over time. We can combat the laws of entropy by optimizing a computer’s startup profile and virtual memory allocation and/or increasing its RAM.  We can speed up your computer, and help you spot problems before they happen.
  • Operating system installation and troubleshooting:  We can help you fix and restore Windows, and we can help you start fresh when you need to.  We are also expert at making your software programs work for you.
  • Hard drive replacement and imaging:  We use high quality hard drives that cost about $80.  Many customers opt for a fresh operating system installation on a new hard drive.  We will also help you recover any data on the old hard drive, and setup your files and programs on the new drive whenever possible.
  • Power supply replacement
  • RAM replacement and upgrades
  • Performance and gaming system consultation and building
Network, Wireless, and Internet Repairs

Network is the circulatory system of the modern information infrastructure, and without a good network your work cannot thrive.

Network monitoring and maintenance is available as part of our IT Partners support packages, or can be scheduled as a one-time service if you need us.  When your network has problems, PC Experts will troubleshoot and restore your network, in the office or home.  We work with wired and wireless, and we work with your Internet Service to help you get the best working connection.

PC Experts Network Support and Service includes:

  • Installation and cabling
  • Monitoring – of networks for any signs of problems, we catch problems before they cause a disruption
  • Planning and set-up – the best functioning network is a well-planned network.  We will help you plan and purchase equipment to make the most of your network and your dollars, and make sure that everything is installed and configured for optimal performance
  • Problem troubleshooting – if something is not working well, there is a reason.  We will find it and fix it.
Data - Backup and Recovery

Data is critical – your files: your documents, pictures, music, and movies are irreplaceable. PC Experts will help you take the precautions and prevent a loss of data and an interruption to your workflow.

Have you lost data? If it’s too late for backups, don’t panic, we will help you evaluate the situation and recover your data.


Laptop and Mobile Device Repairs

Laptops have most of the same issues as all the computer repairs above, but also might need an LCD screen, touch-screen, battery, power adapter, or have a broken DC power jack.  Mobile devices, phones, and tablets offer similar challenges.  We help you to determine what course of action will give you the best long term results, and oversee repairs when they make sense.

We help you setup and utilize mobile technology – including:

  • Procurement
  • Setup of important software
  • Management of data and files amongst devices
  • Laptop and Mobile device security
Mac and Macbook Repairs

We work with Macs, iMacs, MacBooks, iPads and iPhones.  We also support business environments that have a mixed ecosystem – bridging between Mac and Windows.

We repair Macs, support software in OSX and iOS environments, support Mac networking, backups, and we provide consultation and training for the Apple ecosystem.  Pretty much every way we can help with your PC, we can also help with your Mac!