Remote Support

With PC Experts’ remote support service, our technicians can remotely access and manage your computer to help with issues or consult about technology.  Both you and the technician can see the screen together, and we are always happy to stay on the phone with clients as much as you like, while we work on your computer.

Remote support is an important part of our IT Partners support packages, and is always included as a base feature.
We also can provide one-time consultation, if there is something that you need some professional advice about.

How It Works

  1. You schedule remote support by phone, email, or by clicking Get Support.
  2. You get on the phone with your technician, who will guide you to initiate a remote connection.
  3. You explain your issue, talk with the friendly tech, and watch as we work on your computer.

Software that we use will not open security holes in your system and does not clutter your system with unnecessary programs or services.

Get Support From Our Technicians


Sign up for 50% off your initial support session – 30 minutes remote support call for $24.

If you are already signed up, or you are on an IT Partners support plan, you can also request support here.


Get Support

Downloads and Tools

If directed by your PC Experts support representative, you may download the tools below to give us access to your computer.

screen connect icon

Ongoing Support Connection

Screen Connect Onboard Helper

This tool will connect your system to our support network for ongoing support.

screen connect icon

One-time Support Connection

Screen Connect one-time connection, for temporary emergency support

Your support rep will give you a four-letter key code to enter (such as YLRU) to complete your download

teamviewer icon

Team Viewer

Teamviewer Quick Support

When you download and run this tool, it will generate an ID code and password that you can give to your technician over the phone, so that we can connect in.